About Me

I’m an insightful, insatiable creative who appreciates the nuances of the English language and the purpose of the Oxford comma.

I see the inherent beauty in technical things, and celebrate the technical details in beautiful things. I’m also the kid who likes to get the A on the paper.

I love writing, performing improv comedy, my wife, and Italian Greyhounds.

I’m fascinated by behavioral science, space travel, internal combustion, phase-change heating and cooling, and the uncanny valley.

When I’m not writing copy I enjoy target shooting, Comedy Sportz, and creating audio comedy in my home studio.

I also do voiceover work. You can hear my reel here. Please contact me if I can help on your next project.


Favorite Quotes

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“Be good, play fair, but win.”
– Richard Briner

“Fun without sell gets nowhere but sell without fun tends to become obnoxious.”
– Leo Burnett

“[The inherent drama in every product] is often hard to find but it is always there, and once found it is the most interesting and believable of all advertising appeals.”
– Leo Burnett