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Bounce Pet Hair & Lint Guard Introduction Key Visual, Featured in Lürzer’s Archive

The Love Them Without Wearing Them campaign leverages new product innovation to solve the ongoing struggle between spending time your pet and looking your best.

Crest Mystic Kids Brushing Video

Crest wanted to raise awareness of its kid-focused Mystic product line while simultaneously promoting better brushing habits. The video features Crest’s four Mystic mascots singing a song with four 30-second verses, serving as a step-by-step guide to cleaning each quadrant of the mouth for the correct amount of time.

Downy Defy Introductory Key Visual

Created during initial key visual concepting, this idea helps reinforce the fact that clothes take more damage in the wash than they do in the real world.

Gain Flings In-Store

To many families, smell is the true litmus test of clean. Gain Flings combine detergent with powerful odor removal, helping every load of laundry pass the “smell test”.

Tide To Go Campaign Concept

People will do anything they can to cover up unexpected stains. Fortunately, Tide To Go eliminates the need for stain-hiding life hacks.

Kraft Plate Debate Digital Campaign

When the Mayo vs. Miracle Whip debate began to trend on Twitter, Kraft sought to leverage the heated political climate of the time to settle the issue once and for all. Shoppers were invited to vote at-shelf and on social, reinforced by daily swag giveaways and the sandwich equivalent of an “I Voted” sticker at shelf.

Nanz & Kraft Florists Outdoor, Local Addy Gold Award

One action can change everything. So can one letter.

Louisville Waterfront Development Campaign

How do you revitalize a flagging public venue? By reminding people why they went there in the first place.

Lennox Movember Campaign, Horizon Awards, Best In Category

Every November, Lennox uses its mostly-male dealer channel to create awareness for Movember and men’s health issues. This campaign used the blue-collar hero persona of Dave Lennox to help make self-care manlier than ever.

Publicis Groupe 3% Diversity Conference Spread Ad

The 3% Diversity Conference was an ideal opportunity to reinforce the Publicis Groupe’s belief in inclusion, and the fact that better ideas come from a more unified, supportive work environment.


March of Dimes Signature Chefs Charity Dinner Poster Campaign

The annual Signature Chefs event helps raise funds for the March of Dimes with a multi-course meal prepared by the city’s best chefs.

LG&E Energy Conservation Campaign

LG&E wanted to remind its customers that even the smallest, simplest actions can add up to big changes. This campaign illuminated the intersection of environmental responsibility and energy use by demonstrating just how easy it is to make a switch for the better.

Allied Air EBook (click for PDF)

Allied Air may not be the most recognizable HVAC brand, but they have a great story to tell about their commitment to their products and their customers.

Highland Cleaners Direct Mail

When Highland Cleaners introduced drive-through tailoring services, they made life a little more comfortable for everyone.

Lennox Dealer Channel Print Ad

Uncomfortable visual meets universal truth.

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