That which separates us from angels and apes.

2021 Saatchi X Intergalactic Film Festival Winner

If we wanted predictable work schedules, we’d have gone into accounting.

Kentucky Derby Print Ad

Featured in Sports Illustrated, this print ad reminded readers how the Derby brings the world together in a shared love of sport and spectacle.  

Cheesecake Crumbles Digital Campaign

Everyone loves cheesecake, but not everyone likes to share. Thankfully, nobody has to.

Wendy’s Readerboards and T-Shirts

The Wendy’s brand uses multiple touchpoints to reinforce its commitment to fresh food and convenience, leveraging the relatable, sassy wit the public has come to expect. 

ALE-8-1 Rebranding Campaign

When Ale-8-1 sought to expand its market share, it started with an internal and external rebranding campaign that reinforced its roots of honesty, good will, and humanity.  


SIG Sauer TREAD Introductory Video Campaign (click to play on YouTube)

To make rifle ownership more desirable and attainable, SIG Sauer forged a connection with new market segments that had not typically seen themselves as gun owners. I was fortunate enough to both script and voice the campaign.


SIG Sauer P365 Introductory Branding Campaign

A new pistol required a new approach that took SIG Sauer out of its typical brand voice. The campaign was incredibly successful, taking sales to record levels while helping the P365 secure the Handgun of the Year award 3 years in a row.

Power Creative Addy Awards Program Ads

Ad people give ad awards to other ad people, and like to joke about ad stuff.

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